ll of us need to look after ourselves both physically and mentally. Maintaining and improving not only our wellness but also our performance capability is an imperative.

In conjunction with the MIND Peak Performance Institute of neurosciences we have prepared a brain toolkit to optimise human performance under pressure.

The toolkit comprises the latest developments in neurosciences to keep us not only well but also performing at our best. The key to improvement is measurement and the toolkit also contains 2 measurement tools to baseline and keep track of changes and improvement over time.

“ In God we trust, all others must bring data ”.

The Brain Performance Toolkit (developed by peak performance neuroscientist, Dr Stan Rodski) is available online and includes:

  • Resilience and Energy Management testing with immediate results and improvement feedback.
  • Personalised brain improvement plan
  • Cognitive/brain improvement(CI) sessions: Brain technology for better performance
    1. Preparing the brain for change using cognitive ‘stretching’ exercises
    2. Exercise the brain using soundwave science technology (Soundscience)
  • Brain-based colouring-in sheets to enhance the CI session
  • Workbooks to deepen the learning with additional exercises
    1. Brain resilience workbook (44 pages)
    2. Energy management workbook (33 pages)
  • Unlimited access for 12 months

For further information or to access the toolkit contact