The THINKGROUP is an organisation with BIG IDEAS.

These big ideas are based in brain science and applied to the many problems we humans are faced with in everyday life. The world of knowledge about the brain and how it affects us is exploding every day with new information and insights. This has been made possible because of the new technologies that have opened up this amazing area of human understanding and its application.


As the brain and behavioural scientists, we have sought to create predictive models around critical decision-making situations using powerful bio and behavioural data algorithms we call BEHAVIOURAL ROBOTS because of their ability to make decisions without SUBCONSCIOUS BIAS.


(Available On-Line) We built and delivered evidence-based online programs to help people not only whether the storm of information our brain receives but to turn this energy from its destructive stressed paths to energised and revitalised ones.

brain edge using neuropod

Life in the sport, school and corporate world is about having an ‘edge’ over your competitors. An ‘edge’ is an advantage brought about by being able to get that something special or unique outcome in the moment that it counts. Brain performance, and in particular peak performance as an ‘edge’ is a function of homeostasis (balance) of the 4 key brain regions. When the brain is balanced, ‘in the moment’ pressure leads to performance not stress & peak performance happens in a fraction of a second.

brain science neurolab

The brain science laboratories of today are not tucked away in the basement of large institutions. They are small, nimble, creative and transportable. In our own portable brain laboratory, we can conduct our EEG and ECG monitoring and trials anywhere from small medical practices to large corporates.

neuro & psychometric tools

Our practical research nature means that we can take new learning and idea and quickly apply the rigours of science to generate products and programs to help people live and work better, be more productive and live healthier lives.